16Mar 2016

This podcast is definitely worth taking some time to listen to!


17Feb 2016

This article gives good advice on the do’s and don’ts on how to act towards those who have lost a loved one. Definitely worth reading.


14Jan 2016

Interesting article from Dana-Farber Cancer Center on what the proposed “Moon Shot” war on cancer might involve.


12Nov 2015

Those of us in the big cites really benefit from advanced cancer care. Outcomes for those afflicted with cancer in rural America are not nearly as good.


29Oct 2015

A big thanks to our Breast Cancer Warriors who braved the weather and attended our second annual Kathy S. Harkey Breast Cancer Foundation benefit.  Over 80 people showed up for our wine/craft beer tasting and casino night. We are still tallying the numbers but we raised nearly $10,000 for the cause and had a fun time doing it. A big thanks to the staff at Woodlands Unique for hosting the event and all our sponsors and contributors who made the event possible. We were happy to welcome Dr. Pamela Schlembach with MD Anderson and look forward to providing support to their campus out here in The Woodlands in the near future. The ultimate defeat of breast cancer will take time, effort and money. We are proud to do what we can to further this goal. Thanks again!!