13Apr 2016

The Kathy S. Harkey Breast Cancer Foundation was proud to contribute $2500 to MD Anderson Breast Friends this evening. The foundation hosted a presentation by Dr. Angela Coscio on breast cancer clinical trials. We are proud to support such a caring organization headed by the tireless efforts of Dr. Pamela Schlembach. It is our hope that patient participation in clinical trials will lead to effective treatments for this horrible disease.

16Mar 2016

This podcast is definitely worth taking some time to listen to!


17Feb 2016

This article gives good advice on the do’s and don’ts on how to act towards those who have lost a loved one. Definitely worth reading.


14Jan 2016

Interesting article from Dana-Farber Cancer Center on what the proposed “Moon Shot” war on cancer might involve.


12Nov 2015

Those of us in the big cites really benefit from advanced cancer care. Outcomes for those afflicted with cancer in rural America are not nearly as good.