The Kathy S. Harkey Breast Cancer Foundation is an all volunteer not-for-profit charity which provides funding to local hospitals, research facilities and organizations that are committed to doing the laboratory and clinical trial research necessary to find a cure for, or extend the lives of, those afflicted with breast cancer. We also provide funding to other charitable organizations committed to assisting women with breast cancer, particularly those constrained by financial circumstance or insurance limitations.

Welcome to the Kathy S. Harkey Breast Cancer Foundation website. The foundation was established in memory of Kathy S. Harkey who died of breast cancer in April 2014. The frustration we all felt during her treatment was truly a call to action. It is our belief that local research and treatment options will lead to improved outcomes for all our friends and neighbors afflicted with this horrible disease. We choose to believe that the hardship and suffering experienced by Kathy and her family will not be wasted. This foundation provides us a positive outlet for the frustrations we all felt.

The purpose of the foundation is to provide funding to charitable organizations that are dedicated to the prevention, treatment and cure of breast cancer and associated metastatic disease. We intend to provide funding for local research efforts into possible cures and life extending treatments, including clinical trials, for those unfortunate individuals with breast cancer whose treatment options are limited by their ability to pay or the nature of their disease.

This site is a way for you to participate either through tax deductible donations, volunteer, or just your moral support for a very important cause. We will provide periodic updates on our fundraising activities, research updates and general information that may be helpful to our followers.

We look forward to this opportunity. Together we can make a difference.

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